Tricked in October – Book 2 in the Pineridge Series is currently in the outline stage. It’s going to be so much fun to draft. I’m going to begin during Nanowrimo! A new hero will be introduced in this one that I think will become an instant favorite. Plus, all your favorite characters from Eight Days of Christmas, (Book 1 in the Pineridge Series) will make a reprise role! This book is set to release late summer/early fall 2022.

A Tryst for Valentine’s Day – Book 3 in the Pineridge Series is currently being revised. I’m so excited about this one! I’ve only given away bits and pieces about this book on my social media so far. I’ll disclose more soon. For now, all I will say, it’s going to be centered around Valentine’s Day with a Galentine’s Day theme and a “fake dating” trope and includes a fluffy, slobbery, puppy. This book is set to release Jan/Feb 2023.

It Started With a Pumpkin Seed is a completed/polished Adult contemporary romance. When her vocal cords are injured, lead singer of an indie-rock band is forced to return home to her family’s farm in Central Oregon. She meets the guy hired to run pumpkin season, a quiet single dad. When her ex opens a rival pumpkin farm, they team up to save the farm. Close proximity and a shared goal causes a passion to ignite. But when her real life and his past catch up to them, they’ll have to decide if new love is enough. *To see my vision/aesthetic board for this manuscript, visit:

Neptune Rising is a YA speculative fiction/space opera. With comp titles like Dirty Dancing and The 100, how can it not be intriguing? It’s like summer camp but in space. Only this year, the teens aren’t celebrating. They’re putting aside their differences, joining forces, and fighting against the hierarchy. *To see my vision/aesthetic board for this manuscript, visit:

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