Eight Days of Christmas

Holiday magic? Check. Swoon worthy romance? Check. Complications of epic proportions? Check.

Ready or not, Isabella Whitley is returning to her snowy hometown of Pineridge, Colorado for her sister’s Christmas wedding. She wants in and out unscathed. Unlikely. A decade ago, she headed to New York and hasn’t looked back. Now she must explain her disappearing act to not only her family, but the high-school sweetheart she left behind as well.

Enter Leo Hoffman. He’s frosty after striving—and failing—to forget Isabella, the only woman capable of jingling his bells. Since his brother is marrying her sister, Leo is forced to celebrate Eight Days of Christmas with Isabella and her family—a tradition where they perform a different holiday activity each day leading up to December 25th.

Soon, their close proximity brings back memories—and the inability to keep their hands off one another. There’s only one problem. Isabella’s ex unexpectedly enters the equation, and she faces a difficult choice. Listen to her heart or her head? Isabella will need to decide, once and for all, where she belongs.

Perfect for fans of IN A HOLIDAZE and SWEET HOME ALABAMA, this second-chance/enemies-to-lovers romance will have you swooning and reminiscing of first loves.

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Content/Trigger warnings:*

  • Alcohol usage, mild/offensive language
  • Death/cancer of a parent, (past)
  • Open door scene – 1, (mild description)
  • Mention of drug use
  • 17+ Mature, PG-13/R

*This list may not make up the entirety of triggers, so please read reviews and the blurb, and proceed with caution if you’re concerned.

Tricked in October

In this best-friends-to-lovers romance, mistaken identity leads to a Halloween hook-up that might not be so mistaken after all.

After losing her husband last winter, the thought of hosting a Halloween couples costume party is the furthest thing from Kelsey O’Henry’s mind. Besides raising three young children, managing O’Henry’s Bar and Grill, and caring for her alcoholic mother, she has more important things to worry about. Like the stack of unpaid business loans that threaten the bar’s existence. As well as her newfound feelings she’s developed for her best guy friend. 

Davis Vance is tired of being followed around by cameras. He misses the days before he and his twin brother became “Renovation Dudes”—hosts of an HGTV show. When Davis learns Kelsey could lose the bar at the end of the fall season, he sees it as an opportunity to not only help his friend, but as a way out of renewing his HGTV contract. 

There’s just one problem—lately Davis’s feelings for Kelsey have been less friendly and more romantic. And on the night of the bar’s Halloween party, both Kelsey and Davis can no longer ignore their desires. Will their passionate evening be a one-night stand—only a flicker of heat during the crisp autumn, or will she risk her pride and accept his help?

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Content/Trigger warnings:*

  • Alcoholic parent
  • Alcohol usage, mild language
  • Accidental deaths, (past)
  • Open door scenes 2 + (mild description)
  • Child abandonment, (past)
  • 17+ Mature, R

*This list may not make up the entirety of triggers, so please read reviews and the blurb, and proceed with caution if you’re concerned.

The Heart Rehab Experiment

What happens when Failure-to-Launch syndrome is reversed?

Find out in this modern-day Failure to Launch with a twist, where a young newlywed gets more than she bargains for after the Interventionist she hires to launch her clingy dad out of her house falls for him—and worse—he falls for her too.

Pete Redd used to have it all: a solid marriage, two spirited daughters, a fancy home, and a career as a top realtor at a big agency in L.A. He was happy, he was fulfilled. Until a recurrence with cancer took the life of his wife, and along with it—his purpose for existence.

Fast forward eight months.

Newlywed Tess Cavanaugh is tired of her freeloading dad lounging around her house dressed in her fluffy pink robe, his morose mood, and most recently—his constant interference of her sex life and plans to start a family.

Desperate, Tess hires self-help author and Interventionist of a successful program, Jules Sweeney to break her dad out of his depression and launch him out of her house. Unaware of Jules’s exact career and possibly blinded by her infectious quirkiness and confidence, Pete agrees to a program he isn’t privy in the details of. Jules has sworn off men after being hurt one too many times, including unintentionally by a father suffering dementia. Despite Jules’s attempts to keep things professional, Pete’s adorkable personality and hot dad-bod immediately win her over.

The problem?

Starting a relationship based on deception is risky. If Pete discovers the truth regarding the program and the self-help book, Tess’s entire plan could unravel, spiraling him into a worse state than he was in before and leaving Jules even more distrustful of men. But if the program is successful and Tess gets what she wants—her dad out of her house—the saying, be careful what you wish for may never be truer.

Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren, The Heart Rehab Experiment is a hilarious, sweet, and sexy romcom about second chances, forgiveness, and moving on after heartache.

Content/Trigger warnings:*

  • Parental death
  • Spouse death
  • Breast cancer
  • Mention of infertility/trying to conceive/pregnancy
  • Parental dementia
  • Adult parental abandonment
  • Alcohol usage
  • Open door scene-1 (mild description)
  • 17+ Mature, R

*This list may not make up the entirety of triggers, so please read reviews and the blurb, and proceed with caution if you’re concerned.

My Novel Notebook

A notebook that pairs perfectly with your novel as you write it

Ready to write your next novel? My Novel Notebook is designed to be used as a tool while you write your next fiction book, regardless of the genre or your skill level. Complete with character profiles, setting sheets, lined note pages, word count trackers, and even sheets for writing sprints. Keep track of your writing goals with calendars. Get those creative juices flowing with free write and doodle pages. There’s even a section at the end for, what’s next? after you finish writing your novel.

My Novel Notebook is perfect for pantsers and plantsers! There’s even pages with plotting cards for planners.

Made aesthetically pleasing, functional, and affordable so you can own one for each new book you write.

In this notebook, you can expect to find:

  • Getting started
  • The basics, character profiles, and setting sheets
  • Blurb/back cover sheet
  • Synopsis sheets
  • Lined note pages
  • Blank doodle pages
  • Chapter title/number sheets
  • Playlist sheets
  • Basic plotting your novel sheets
  • Word goal/word count calendars
  • Weekly/daily writing sprints sheets
  • Lined free write pages
  • What’s next
  • Final note

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