Hello, and welcome! My name is Starla and I’m passionate about all things writing. I am happy to share my writing tips and my knowledge with you along the way.

Creating stories with memorable and relatable characters who navigate relational connections has been my goal since I began writing. While I tend to lean toward writing romance, a friendship and/or family relationship aspect in a story is just as powerful for me to convey.

Please be sure to check my “Books” and “Projects” tab for info on book release dates and what I’m working on next.

Here are some samples of my writing:

Poetry in Issue 5 of Moonchild Magazine: https://www.moonchildmag.net/starlaleanne.html

Flash fiction in Issue 2 of Silk + Smoke: https://silkandsmoke.com/portfolio/tribute-to-music-by-starla-dekruyf/

Thanks for stopping by. Please grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and stay awhile!